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T-12T | 14T | 16T


Capacity (pounds)12,00014,00016,000
GVWR (pounds)17,56019,56022,460
GAWR (pounds)14,00014,40016,000
Avg. Weight (pounds)5,5605,5606,460
Load Width (in)102"102"102"
Deck Height (in) unloaded36"36"36"
Std. Hitch Size (in)3"3"3"
Tongue/Gooseneck Length (ft)5'-2"5'-2"5'-2"
Safety Chain3/8 Gr. 433/8 Gr. 433/8 Gr. 70
Parking Jack12K12K12K
Bolted-on Parking JackYYY
Main BeamW10x12 BeamW10x12 BeamW10x17 Beam
Deck TypeDeck-Over TiltDeck-Over TiltDeck-Over Tilt
Deck Safety LipNNN
Deck MaterialWhite OakWhite OakWhite Oak
4' Added Stationary DeckOOO
Load Angle (degrees)14.514.514.5
Auto-Ramp Kick-outSSS
Tie DownsD-ringD-ringD-ring
No. of Tie Downs101010
Axle Capacity7K7.2K8K
No. of Axles222
Axle Spread (in)34"34"34"
HubsEZ LubeEZ LubeEZ Lube
Brake Size12" x 2"12" x 2"12.25" x 3.38"
Electric BrakesSSS
Wheels (size)16"17.5"17.5"
Wheel Bolt Pattern8-bolt8-bolt8-bolt
Tire Load RatingEHH
Full Warranty1 Year1 Year1 year
Frame Warranty10 Year10 Year10 year