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Ultimate 5660


Model 5660: 24″ Cut General Features

Speed : Thanks to its new High Speed Hydraulics and Quad Tooth®, the saw’s fast cutting speed provides high production and quality cuts.

Reliable : Our circular saw is more “forgiving” than bar and chain and practically trouble free. Operating benefits also include the capability of cleaning unwanted underbrush to enhance visibility resulting in high production, long tooth life and low stumps.

Low costs : In comparison to other systems, the great durability of the teeth, low maintenance time required and superior availability are the main factors that will reduce the after-investment costs. In normal conditions, maintenance is limited to changing the 7 saw bearings annually (2000 hours).

Model 5660: The Ultimate 5660 harvesting head is basically the same as the original 5600 but with a different saw base imported from our 6000 model. The saw has a 24″ cutting capacity and develops 60% more power.

For more features and benefits, download the PDF brochure.