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Drum Mowers


Quadco Forestry Mower Mulchers 56″ Timed-Belt Drive Mower

Quadco 56″ mower mulches vegetation into fine material, discharging directly to the ground.

The drum mower is designed to fit a wide range of applications–from light brushing to heavy full tree mulching. Operating costs are minimal with the low-maintenance, belt-driven, 26 staggered-tooth drum, which comes with a choice of rotatable teeth to fit the application– reversible, beaver, concave, or carbide.

Simple and easy to use, only using 3 hydraulic lines – 2 additional hydraulic lines are required for the optional rotator.


Cutting swath : 56″ / Length : 71″ / Height : 49″ / Width : 32″ / Weight : 3250 lbs (excluding boom adapter).

-Optional boom adapter (including 2 pins) made to fit any carrier or for quick attach. -26 reversible – 8 sided teeth. Optional Rotate-able Carbide teeth. -Variable displacement high pressure motor. -Replaceable Chain skirt. -Ideal carrier size 20 ton + excavator or purpose-built carrier capable of 65 GPM / 3500 PSI for ultimate performance.

For more features and benefits, download the PDFbrochure.

New 45″ Direct-Drive Mower

Quadco 45” mower mulches vegetation into fine material.

Rugged roller bearings on the drum shaft Easy access doors Wear resistant anvil plate Wear resistant skis Fits all 20t+ excavators or feller-bunchers Optional boom adapter or quick attach available for most carriers Strong frame design High strength 1/2” plate used on main frame makes it one of the strongest mower attachments on the market today Cutting tools to match the application; Reversible, Beaver, Concave or Carbide teeth

For more features and benefits, download the PDFbrochure.