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7224 Bunching Saw Head


Features and benefits

Quadco produces two high-capacity Bunching Saw Head models; the 7224D Bunching Saw Head is ideal for drive-to-tree bunchers & 7224 with 360 degree rotation for boom machines. A large 7.2 sq.ft. center pocket combined with a 24″ cut capacity, a new patent-pending accumulator arm and one-piece sweep arm, makes it perfectly suited for thinning or clear cutting with extremely fast cutting cycles. Its centered accumulation reduces torsion effect on boom and side loading for better tractor stability and visibility. See-through design for optimum visibility and performance. Saw base with large throat opening. Saw disc available in either one-piece or segmented style with four sided rotatable QuadTooth® system.

For more features and benefits, download the PDFbrochure.