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PP600-500 towable


The 600 serie is designed for faster operation and more production at the end of each working day. Like all our wood slashers, it offers reliability and performance. Forestry is a highly competitive field where the effective time of a machine represent its profitability. If you need high productivity, the 600 serie is your best wood slasher option.

Take a look at the PDF document below for more details on the 600 serie log slasher.

Standard features
Saw blade 60” ITCO
Teeth 36 Kodiak-2 style
Saw motor Parker F12-150
Anti-cavitation bloc High flow
Saw arm cylinder 3½” cushioned
Saw guides Adjustable low friction phenolic
Saw protection door ½” High tensile steel
Saw hub 9½” Alloy steel
Specific characteristics
Hydraulic flip up butt plate Available
Overall height 11’ 10’’
Overall length 28’ 4’’
Approximate weight * 9060 lbs
Maximum single pass cut diameter 25"
Saw motor flow requirement 49 – 54 gpm
Tire size 11.00 X 22.5
Tail behind saw Standard - 144”