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PP513 Delimber


Pro Pac delimbers are designed to work hard and for long. Their simple and robust construction reduces maintenance but most of all it reduces the risk of breakage; you get less down time and therefore production increase. They also offer exclusive features designed to facilitate transport. If you are serious about delimbing, you need Pro Pac delimbers.

PP513 is our model featuring the longest delimbing stroke. Similar to the PP453 according to maximum diameter, it allows for longer limbed trees in a single pass. Like all our models, it is capable of working trunks of any length.

The PP-513 delimber was designed to work in forests composed mostly of softwood but its design also allows the occasional delimbing of hardwood. A simple and economical solution for customers who want to get away from telescopic delimbers.

Overall length 51'7" (15.7 m)
Overall width 52’’ (132 cm)
Overall height 78’’ (198.1 cm)
Overall length of boom 48' (14.6 m)
Delimbing length Unlimited
Net Stroke 37’ 5’’ (11.4 m)
Maximum grapple opening 30’’ (76 cm)
Maximum delimbing diameter 27’’ (68 cm)
Maximum topping diameter with twin topping knives 8’’ (20 cm)
Maximum topping diameter with bar saw 24" (61 cm)
Maximum butting diameter 30’’ (76 cm)
Recommended excavator size 20T