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Water Tank Options


The PHIL patented Water Tank design offers a safe and stable vessel engineered for maximum capacity and years of dependable service. Regardless of the make and model of truck your water tank is destined for, it is engineered for that exact make and model of truck – not an approximate size with multiple attachment modules as other water tank manufacturers often provide. By going the extra step of ensuring proper weight distribution on the chassis and tying that into our proprietary zero-hole internal baffle system, the tanks stability is second to none.

To make our tank truly yours, customization is key. We've listed several of the most popular options below, but are happy to outfit your water tank to your exacting specifications as long as safety and the tanks structural integrity is not jeopardized.

The most requested options include:

  • RF Remote Controlled Water Cannon (monitor)
  • Remote main tank drains
  • Spray heads mounted on the front bumper of the truck chassis
  • PHIL designed speed controlled water displacement technology
  • Drip Bars
  • Anti-siphon fill valves
  • Customer logo on sides of tank
  • Unit numbers on sides and rear of tank
  • Lanyard tie-off on top of tank
  • Light package with flood lights on top of tank rear corners
  • Cold weather insulation package (must be ordered at time of new tank order; not available as a retrofit)