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HiVol® Scrap Steel Specialty Bodies


  • Legendary Toughness Starts with the Right Steel - Phil bodies are made exclusively with 450+ Brinell steel for the most abrasion resistance of any body construction material.
  • Abrasion-Resistant Design - The body design uses outwardly angled body sidewalls, minimizing sidewall abrasion.
  • Bolstering the Strength - In extremely abrasive environments, bodies are selectively lined with 850+ Brinell materials.
  • Load Profiling Available - Typically in high abrasion applications, high impact is also a factor. PHIL high abrasion bodies use the PHIL exclusive Load Profiling process to achieve the lowest possible body side heights. This process results in wider truck bodies that are easier to load with less impact, less body vibration and a safer operator environment.

PHIL HiVol High Abrasion Bodies are constructed to be durable, long-lasting and high performing. To balance the need for tough, strong materials with light-weight, vehicle wear-reducing features, the HiVol design team combines innovative solutions with available technology, creating an unbeatably tough product.

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