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HiVol® Hot Slag Specialty Bodies


  • Legendary Toughness Starts with the Right Design - PHIL Slag Bodies have two distinctive components which include the skeleton structure and the load containing envelope, which the hot slag comes in direct contact with.
  • Designed to combat Differential Expansion & Contraction - Hot slag will tear most bodies apart because they are not designed to expand or contract; their welds pop, the plates warp and then things start to get ugly.  Not with the PHIL Hot Slag Body; it's designed for the Hot Slag environment.
  • Built for Easy Maintenance - When internal load containing envelope is compromised, individual plates can be changed out easily and cost effectively.
  • Optional Tailgate for Containment - It's not wise to haul around molten steel that can fall out the back of the truck; cap it off with an authentic PHIL Autogate(R) Tailgate designed for containing hot slag.

PHIL HiVol Hot Slag Bodies are constructed to be durable, long-lasting and high performing. To balance the need for tough, strong materials with light-weight, vehicle wear-reducing features, the HiVol design team combines innovative solutions with available technology, creating an unbeatably tough product.