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HiVol® Dual-Purpose Specialty Bodies


  • Designed to haul two uniquely different material densities
  • Traditionally designed and built with PHIL Autogate® Tailgates, also available non-gated, or optionally with our In-Service/Out-of-Service Tailgate
  • Hundreds in service Globally
  • Maximize your payload regardless of material being hauled with proper distribution, a low center of gravity, and a large loading target

PHIL Dual Purpose Bodies maximize the body size, minimize body weight and increase the payload and productivity of each mine they operate within. Traditionally, Dual-Purpose Bodies (often referred to as combo bodies) are used for hauling coal (light material) and overburden (heavy material). Call Philippi-Hagenbuch to hear about how we can maximize the productivity of your haulage fleet with our custom engineered body solutions.