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In-Service / Out-of-Service Tailgates


  • For use when hauling two or more materials with distinctly different densities
  • Assists with allowing full use of truck volumetric payload capabilities without overloading the chassis
  • Built in conjunction with a PHIL HiVol Dual Purpose Body or as an add on to your existing truck body

The PHIL In-Service/Out-of-Service Tailgate is designed in conjunction with our HiVol® Dual Purpose Bodies, or available for other makes of truck bodies that carry two or more materials of dramatically different densities. Born out of the desire from an end user that wanted to haul both coal and overburden, this version of our Autogate® Tailgate helps to increase the load of lighter materials within the body, and assists in achieving a properly distributed load on the truck chassis without overloading the truck when hauling the heavier material. The unique design allows the tailgate to be in the down, or "in service" position when hauling a light material, and in the up, or "out-of-service" position when hauling a heavier material. To see the tailgate in action, select the video link to the right.