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Plate Compactor Attachment


  • Choose from two models to quickly and efficiently compact trenches
  • Eliminate the need for a worker in the trench using a hand-operated compactor
PCF64 Plate Compactor (PCF64)PCF34 Plate Compactor (PCF34)
Operating Weight856 lb478 lb
Length34.2 in26 in
Width23.5 in18.8 in
Height20.4 in18.8 in
Dynamic Force6,400 lb3,400 lb
Frequency2000 vpm2100 vpm
Flow Range Min12 gal/min12 gal/min
Flow Range Max28 gal/min28 gal/min

Compatible Carriers

Compact Excavators
PCF64 Plate Compactor (PCF64)PCF34 Plate Compactor (PCF34)
Bobcat E85
Bobcat E63
Bobcat E55
Bobcat E35 M-Series
Bobcat E35 33 HP
Bobcat E35 25 HP
Bobcat E32 M-Series
Bobcat E42 R2
Bobcat E50 R2
Bobcat E32 25 HP