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Bale Fork


  • Move and load round, uneven or square bales
  • 40.8 in. fork length
  • Two small-diameter forks penetrate the material
  • Mounts to standard or heavy-duty pallet fork attachment frame
Bale Forks
Operating Weight119 lb
Length43.8 in
Height21 in

Compatible Carriers

Compact Track Loaders
Bale Forks
Bobcat T740
Bobcat T64
Bobcat T66
Bobcat T550
Bobcat T650
Bobcat T590
Bobcat T595
Bobcat T770
Bobcat T630
Bobcat T870
Toolcat™ Work Machine
Bale Forks
Bobcat 5610
Bobcat 5600
Skid-Steer Loaders
Bale Forks
Bobcat S570
Bobcat A770
Bobcat S770
Bobcat S850
Bobcat S595
Bobcat S740
Bobcat S66
Bobcat S650
Bobcat S590
Bobcat S550
Bobcat S64
Compact Tractors
Bale Forks
Bobcat CT2040 HST
Bobcat CT2025 MST
Bobcat CT4050 HST
Bobcat CT5555 E HST
Bobcat CT5558 E HST
Bobcat CT2535 HST
Bobcat CT4055 SST
Bobcat CT4058 HST
Bobcat CT5545 E HST
Bobcat CT5550 E HST
Bobcat CT2540 HST
Bobcat CT4050 SST
Bobcat CT2035 HST
Bobcat CT2040 MST
Bobcat CT2025 HST
Bobcat CT2035 MST
Bobcat CT4045 HST
Bobcat CT4045 SST
Bale Forks
Bobcat V519