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Backhoe -CT Rear Mount


  • Transforms your compact tractor into a powerful excavator for working on landscape installations, septic systems and other digging applications
  • Offers clear visibility, allowing for more efficient and accurate operation
  • Attaches to the rear of your compact tractor using a required sub-frame
  • 13-inch bucket standard; 16-inch bucket available.
  • Three size models available; choose the one that fits your compact tractor.
CT Backhoe - BH76CT Backhoe - BH86CT Backhoe - BH86
Operating Weight880 lb1102 lb1102 lb
Max Reach
Dig Force-Bucket3,075 lbf3,748 lbf3,748 lbf
Bolt-On X-Change
Swing Angle180°180°180°
Maximum Dig Depth
Dig Force-Dipper1,955 lbf2,343 lbf2,343 lbf
Stabilizer Type
Dig Depth

Compatible Carriers

Compact Tractors
CT Backhoe - BH76CT Backhoe - BH86CT Backhoe - BH86
Bobcat CT2025 MST
Bobcat CT2535 HST
Bobcat CT2540 HST
Bobcat CT2035 MST
Bobcat CT2035 HST
Bobcat CT2025 HST
Bobcat CT2040 HST
Bobcat CT2040 MST
Bobcat CT4050 HST
Bobcat CT4058 HST
Bobcat CT4055 SST
Bobcat CT4050 SST
Bobcat CT4045 HST
Bobcat CT4045 SST
Bobcat CT5558 E HST
Bobcat CT5555 E HST
Bobcat CT5550 E HST
Bobcat CT5545 E HST