The 260B is powered by a 225-HP Cummins QSB6.7 Tier 4 Final diesel engine with SCR aftertreatment. The unit includes a 36-inch-diameter auto reversing fan with automatic temperature control, and heavy-duty extreme cooling engine package.

IQAN Control System

IQAN electrohydraulic control system is specifically designed for Barko machines, with hydraulics tailored for harvesting applications. IQAN offers infinite variable control, including programmable settings for individual operators.

IQAN-MD4 Display

System information and machine diagnostics are conveyed on a convenient Parker IQAN-MD4 cab display.

Enhanced Hydraulics

Hydraulic system features include an electric fill pump for the hydraulic tank and an improved internal hydraulic bypass for more consistent temperature in all weather conditions. Hydraulic tank vacuum pump is also standard.


The D7A undercarriage with 8-inch chain pitch offers ground clearance of 29 inches and track width of 11 feet, 1.5 inches with 700-mm pads.

Drawbar Pull

The 260B is a 60,000-pound class machine that delivers an impressive drawbar pull of better than 1.13 to 1 ratio, giving it the ability to handle steep hills and rough terrain with ease.


Dual swing-drive motors provide continuous rotation and high swing torque of 50,787 foot-pounds. The machine features a heavy-duty, oversized swing bearing and offers excellent boom reach.

Forward-Sliding Cab

A patent-pending, forward-sliding cab design allows the cab to move out up to 36 inches for easier serviceability.

Gull Wing Door

A large, hydraulically opening gull wing door offers direct access to the engine and components. Spanning nearly the full length of the machine, the gull wing serves as a working platform, complete with a slip-resistant walking surface.

Air Compressor

An exclusive feature to Barko in the harvesters market, an on-board air compressor provides immediate work tool capability.

Tool Storage

The 260B is designed with built-in tool storage areas under the cab and within the car body.

Operator Cab

The state-of-the-art, climate controlled operator's cab includes a heated air-ride seat, large access door, dome light, AM/FM radio with MP3 auxiliary, in-cab storage, cup holder, and cell phone holder.


A 1.25-inch polycarbonate window provides added safety on harvesting jobs, while an air knife system keeps the front window and oversized skylight clear of debris. A sliding rear window and exterior LED lighting further contribute to excellent visibility around the entire working area.

Fuel Tank

125-gallon (473 L) fuel tank capacity allows for longer operating intervals.

Attachment Versatility

Barko gives you the flexibility to choose from a wide range of factory-approved attachments.

Overall Height 11' 3" (343 cm)
Center to Rear of Counterweight 72" (183 cm) from swing center
Track Length 14' 3" (434 cm)
Boom Reach 21' 2" (645 cm) from attachment pin to swing center
Ground Clearance 29" (74 cm)
Overall Width 11' 1.5" (339 cm) with 700 mm pads
Undercarriage Size/Pitch D7A, 8" (203 mm)
Approximate Operating Weight 51,500 lbs (23,360 kg) without attachment
Model/Power 225 HP (168 kW) Cummins QSB6.7 Tier 4 Final with SCR aftertreatment
Fan 36" (914 mm) diameter reversible fan – pneumatically operated, IQAN system controlled, engine driven
Heat Exchanger 3 Cores – CAC, radiator & hydraulic; pressure bypass integrated in system valve manifold for hydraulic cooler
DEF Tank 10 gal. (38 L)
Fuel Tank 125 gal. (473 L)
System IQAN: Infinite variable control, individual operator settings, onboard diagnostics
Main Pump Load sensing pressure compensated operating at 4,500 psi (310 bar)
Secondary Pump Dedicated for head functionality
Tank 120 gal. (454 L)
Maximum Tractive Effort 65,481 lbf (291.3 kN) (gross)
Drawbar Pull 1.13 to 1 ratio
Ground Pressure 8.25 psi (600 mm shoes)7.07 psi (700 mm shoes)6.19 psi (800 mm shoes)5.50 psi (900 mm shoes)
Maximum Travel Speed 2.1 mph (3.4 km/h) - High1.2 mph (1.9 km/h) - Low
Maximum Front Lift Capacity (21' 2" Boom) 18,010 lbs (8,169 kg) with 5' (1.5 m) radius26,570 lbs (12,052 kg) with 10' (3.0 m) radius17,790 lbs (8,069 kg) with 15' (4.6 m) radius13,160 lbs (5,969 kg) with 20' (6.1 m) radius10,850 lbs (4,921 kg) with full reach
Swing System Continuous rotation with dual swing drives
Swing Torque 50,787 ft-lbf at 3,770 psi (68,858 Nm at 260 bar)
Swing Bearing Heavy-duty, oversized, 53.5" (1,359 mm) outside diameter


From the Barko CF18 and CF22 fixed harvesting heads to various OEM options, you can select the attachment that works best for your application.

Attachment Upgrades

A high pressure filter between carrier and attachment provides added protection. Other attachment options include a bar and chain grease system, and herbicide stump spray system.


5 counterweight options range from 1,000 to 5,500 pounds.

Track Shoes

Various track shoe options are offered in 600-, 700-, 800- and 900-mm widths.

Proheat System

Warms the engine, fuel tank and hydraulics in cold winter weather.

Fire Suppression

AFEX automatic fire suppression system available.

Rear-View Camera

Enhance visibility further with a rear-view camera with 7-inch LED color display.

Cab Accessories

Front window shadeRadio with Bluetooth connectivity and satellite radio (subscription required)