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The 612 is powered by a fuel-efficient 200-HP (149 kW) Volvo Tier 3 diesel engine.

Hydraulic Control System

Machine features a responsive Danfoss Plus+1 hydraulic control system. Power demand joystick-controlled steering includes full oscillation lock and 40-degrees of side-to-side articulation.

Powershift Transmission

The 612 utilizes a powershift transmission instead of hydrostatic to generate higher transport speeds and faster cycles.

Engineering Upgrades

To enhance performance and help save customers money over the machine's life cycle, the forwarder is engineered with increased cooling capacity, updated torque converters, and improved cab mounts and frame.

Ground Clearance

Ample ground clearance of 20 inches (51 cm) and low overall height allow for efficient transport.

Weight Distribution

Excellent weight distribution assists with tackling steep grades, while low operating weight keeps ground pressure low to minimize ground disturbance.


A joystick-controlled Kesla F600 crane features an extendable boom and bypass grapple.

Operator Cab

A spacious, comfortable tilting cab offers a deluxe seat, lighting, circulation fan, heater and air conditioning.

Fuel Tank

45-gallon (170 L) fuel tank capacity allows for longer operating intervals.

Overall Height 11' 3" (343 cm)
Ground Clearance 20" (51 cm)
Wheel Base 19' 3" (587 cm)
Bunk Length 16' 3" (495 cm)
Overall Length 33' 10" (1,031 cm)
Log Stake Width 7' 9" (236 cm)
Overall Width 8' 8" (264 cm)
Total Operating Weight 35,500 lbs (16,103 kg)
Model/Power 200 HP (149 kW) Volvo Tier III
Fuel Tank 45 gal. (170 L)
System Power demand, closed center with Danfoss Plus+1 control system
Transmission Dana 32,000 series, 6-speed powershift
Electrical System 24-volt
Axles Front: Dana model 113, 100% differential lockRear: Dana model 151 Bogie, 45% limited differential
Tires 23.1L x 26 (front), 600/55 x 26.5" (rear) standard28L x 26 (front), 710/45 x 26.5" (rear) optional
Brakes Internal wet disc brakes; emergency and service; spring applied with hydraulic release
Steering Joystick controlled oscillating knuckle with full oscillation lock; 40 degrees side-to-side articulation
Loader Joystick controlled Kesla F600 crane with extendable boom and bypass grapple
Gross Load Capacity 24,000 lbs (10,886 kg)

Machine Heating

Auxiliary Esbar heat system for fuel and hydraulic tanks


Bogie tracks28" (71 cm) wide tires


Front stacking bladeChainsXenon lighting